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Gaza: One Year Later

December 26, 2009

It was one year ago when the Israeli military began a 22-day assault on the people of Gaza, killing 1,400 Palestinians, injuring thousands more, and causing billions of dollars in damage to Palestinian civilian infrastructure.

The situation today remains dire as Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip remains in place–a recent report from Gisha, the Israeli Legal Center for Freedom of Movement, shows the drastic contrast between the amount of aid that is allowed in monthly versus the amount that is needed. In addition, Agence France Presse reported today that a new Israeli assault has resulted in the deaths of six more Palestinians.

One important question to ask through all of this is what has been the response of the Obama administration? The new administration has responded much like previous ones……it maintains full support of Israel.

The Obama administration has rhetorically challenged the Israeli government to stop building new settlements on Palestinian land. Israel has ignored the US and continued since the Obama administration has done nothing concretely to pressure Israel into changing its position.

The US continues to provide billions of dollars in military equipment and aid, maintained all diplomatic support for Israel’s illegal occupation and ignored the Goldstone Report, which roundly condemned the Israeli military actions in Gaza. In fact, the US not only ignored the Goldstone Report, Congress voted overwhelmingly in November to condemn the report.

However, not everyone is responding to the Israeli brutality against Gaza with silence or complicity. People from around the world are participating in a march with Palestinians to commemorate the 1 Year Anniversary of the Israeli attacks and demand an end to the occupation.

The Gaza Freedom March will have an estimated 1,400 participants from 43 different countries and will march from Gaza to the Israeli border. Israeli activists will march from Israel and meet the other marchers at the border in this historic action.

In response to this courageous action there are several other marches taking place around the world in solidarity with those marching in Gaza to end the occupation. In addition, the US-based End the Occupation Campaign has a list of other actions people can take to be in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

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