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Independent Media Climate Conference Updates

December 16, 2009

Thousands of protesters continue to take to the streets of Copenhagen, demanding action be taken to halt climate change.

From KlimaForum 09

A succesful demonstration and a promising “alterglobalist” movement!

“The international demonstration of December 12 was a success. More than 100,000 people from all over the world joined this unitary mobilisation action. Altogether, 538 organisations from 67 countries answered the call. Under an enjoyable (a welcoming) sun, the colourful procession and its bicycles (as it is the custom in Denmark) went to the Bella Center, where the official negotiations are taking place. Many radical catchphrases could be read on banners and placards, around the following idea: “Climate Justice means System Change not Climate Change”.

People not Politicians can save the Climate, says the President of the Maldives

“The President of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, stressed the power of people to take action on climate change, when he spoke to a packed audience at Klimaforum09, the alternative climate summit in Copenhagen, Monday evening. ‘The social movements have the power to save the planet from the effects of climate change. My message to you is to continue the process of movement building after the conference,’ the President said.

Mohamed Nasheed used his own personal story to illustrate the point. A few years ago he was in prison because of his work as a human rights activists, but upon his release he became the first democratic elected president of the island nation acutely threatened by the rising sea levels.”

From IndyMedia Climate

On Tuesday in Copenhagen, The Resistance is Ripe Agriculture protest started at noon, with protesters marching through the center of town under a banner that read, “Food Climate Justice, not Climate Change.” Hundreds of people stopped outside the Netto supermarket for speeches about the importance of food sovereignty and the links between climate change, agriculture and exploitation of people. Naomi Klein delivered this speech.

For more breaking news on the Copenhagen Conference, check on Amy Goodman’s live broadcasts at Democracy Now!

Do you want to take action in solidarity with the protesters at Copenhagen?

Sign the petition at the World in Action Website. The site states, “Copenhagen’s last-ditch summit to stop catastrophic global warming is failing; only massive public pressure can save it. Tomorrow (Dec. 16), the world’s leaders arrive for an unprecedented 60 hours of direct negotiations. Experts agree that without a tidal wave of public pressure for a deal, the summit will not stop catastrophic global warming of 2 degrees.”

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  1. confusued permalink
    December 17, 2009 5:29 am

    here’s a good zine on how radicals might consider approaching climate change as a means to destroy capitalism.

    Click to access apocalypse_read.pdf

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