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Indy News Coverage of the International Climate Summit

December 8, 2009

Yesterday the International Summit on Climate Change began in Copenhagen, Denmark. We know from previous independent news coverage that the heads of state have already acknowledged that there will be no major agreements made at the summit.

We have already written about the impact of the Climate denial groups, Climate lobbyists in the US, and a bit about what groups in Third World nations are demanding from the rich countries, which have been the primary polluters around the world. What we will write about in the next two weeks are what grassroots groups are doing on the streets in Copenhagen and around the world to draw attention to Global Warming.

Democracy Now! began its two-week coverage of the Copenhagen Climate Summit and even did a story about the protests that took place all across Europe leading up to this week.

Other independent news coverage of the summit in Copenhagen is coming from the Climate Indy Media Center, which is reporting on what is happening in Denmark and around the world in conjunction with the Climate Summit.

The British newspaper The Guardian has a live blog reporting from Copenhagen, which included a story on a talk given by Naomi Klein at the People’s Summit.

Then there are several grassroots groups, which have good analysis and provide activist and movement information as it relates to Climate Justice and the Copenhagen Summit. Some of those sites are Climate Justice Action, Camp for Climate Action, and the Radical Left Network called Never trust a Cop.

In addition there are some international organization, which have a significant presence in Copenhagen such as Via Campesina and the Indian Social Action Forum.

In the US there some groups that are engaging in Direct Action that is coinciding with the International Climate Summit. Yesterday, hundreds of activists in West Virginia demonstrated outside the EPA offices against Mountaintop removal coal mining. On Sunday, two activists did a lockdown to a drilling rig in West Virginia, also to protest Mountaintop removal coal mining.

We plan to continue to provide some independent news updates during the two-week period of the International Climate Summit in Copenhagen, as well as some analysis of corporate news if they even bother to report on the summit.

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