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Statewide Group Targets Consumers Energy CEO

November 20, 2009

Today in Grand Rapids 15 people gathered in front of the Consumers Energy offices in Wyoming, Michigan to kick-off a new campaign targeting David Joos, CEO of Consumers Energy. The Press Conference was one of many throughout the state, where consumers, activists and environmental organization came together to say no to more coal plants that are proposed in Michigan.

Representatives from the Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, Michigan Citizen Action & a Consumers Energy ratepayer spoke to a variety of reasons for opposing more coal plants in the state of Michigan. One of the reasons for coal plant opposition was the negative impact of coal, from both the mining and burning of coal.

Another issue that was addressed was the possibility for Michigan to generate its own renewable energy. Erin Knott with Michigan Citizen Action sited a recent study by the Natural Resources Defense Council, which supports the idea that Michigan can meet its energy needs through a combination of renewable sources. Some of the finds from this study are:

  • Energy efficiency programs could save Michigan $3 billion in electricity costs over the next 20 years.
  • Michigan’s previous energy plan, written in 2007, is out of date, with unrealistic projections of future electrical demand, limited implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy, and reliance on outdated 20th century coal technologies.
  • Clean renewable energy is less expensive, cleaner, faster, more economically robust, and creates more jobs in Michigan than a 20th century plan based on new but obsolete large power plants driven by fossil fuels.

Lee Sprague with the Sierra Club ended the Press Conference by encouraging people to sign the online petition that Clean Energy Now is circulating that tells Consumers Energy CEO David Joos to put an end to coal plants in Michigan and to invest in Green Jobs and clean energy.

Below is a video of the Press Conference in its entirety. 

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