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Say No to the Latest Media Merger

November 20, 2009

This history of media consolidation has been disastrous for the American public, particularly since the 1980’s when media deregulation became the norm. Every administration since Ronald Reagan has helped facilitate this consolidation by passing legislation friendly to media conglomerates and those conglomerates have returned the favor by making substantial donations to political parties/candidates as is evidenced by the amount of money donated during the 2008 Election cycle.

Now the federal government is confronted with another proposed media merger. The cable giant Comcast and the NBC network are now talking merger. The national media reform group Free Press is asking people to oppose this merger on the grounds that it will:

  1. Give Comcast unprecedented control over what you can watch and how you can watch it.
  2. With less competition, Comcast will jack up prices even more. If you don’t have Comcast at home, you could end up paying more to get NBC shows.
  3. Comcast will have an incentive to promote NBC shows over local or independent programming, making it even harder to find alternative voices on cable.

Free Press is asking you to take action by sending a message to Washington that You Oppose This Merger!

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