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Bissell Protest is small, but sends a strong message

November 12, 2009


Yesterday a small group of people gathered outside the Bissell offices on Walker NW in Grand Rapids to protest the company’s complicity in the firing of 70 workers from one of their warehouses outside of Chicago last week.

When protestors arrived Bissell had 2 security guards at the entrance to the facility asking people if they had “business with Bissell.” The guards had a vehicle and communication devices to relay information to others inside the building.

Within 2 minutes of arriving protestors were also met by Walker City police who instructed them on where they could stand and that any violation beyond the “allowable” activities he described would result in arrest. The police officer came and went several times during the 90-minute protest.


Protestors held a variety of signs and were seen by roughly 100 Bissell employees upon their departure. There were also several hundred motorists who passed by during the protest and some of them displayed support by giving a thumbs up or honking their horns.

Even though there were just a few people at the protest, it clearly sent a strong message to the Bissell Corporation based on their security presence and their notification of local law enforcement.

It is not known at this point what actions will take place in the future, but we will continue to follow this story and keep you up to date.

Here are some comments by some of those who came to the demonstration:

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