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Healing Children of Conflict Hosts Its First Event

November 2, 2009

A new group committed to healing the wounds of war has formed in West Michigan and will host its first public event.  According to their website, Healing Children of Conflict:


heals families and communities by facilitating medical treatment for children seriously wounded in conflicts involving the United States, and thereby educates others about the root causes of those conflicts. By taking responsibility for healing children with traumatic injuries from war arsenal we seek to spread healing and reconciliation between one community, the war zone, to another—Grand Rapids and West Michigan.”

The group came together after inspiration and conversation that grew out of a visit from Cole Miller, founder of the group No More Victims. No More Victims has been helping Iraqi children who have been wounded as a direct result of US bombing or military attacks.

Healing Children of Conflict is following a similar model and the group decided to assist children from Iraq and children wounded as a result of the most recent Israeli military attacks on Gaza. The group believes that since the US provides $3 billion a year in funding for Israel and many of the weapons used in the attacks are manufactured in and provided by the US that we have an obligation to heal the wounds of this violence.

The Healing Children of Conflict event is a fundraiser and will be held this Thursday, November 5 at 7pm. For details, visit their website at

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