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Report from the DC Immigration Rally

October 22, 2009

Last week we posted a story about an immigration rally and send-off for people going to Washington, DC to promote comprehensive immigration reform. A member of the Michigan Organizing Project (MOP) wrote this summary of what took place on that trip.

Last week, a group of 52 people from Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Sturgis traveled 24 hours, to Washington, D.C. and back, to tell our congressmen in Washington that it is time for comprehensive immigration reform NOW.

Beginning with a meeting at Garfield Park in Grand Rapids, a diverse group including college students, immigrant families, and the press gathered to send off the travelers. We heard the stories of families that have experienced the incredibly negative effects of the current immigration system, and with the blessings of five different pastors, we began our “pilgrimage” to the capital.


Upon arrival, we went immediately to the office of Representative Fred Upton to ask for a clarification of his position on comprehensive immigration reform. We are very pleased to report that his staff member, Deke Thompson, affirmed that Representative Upton definitely supports comprehensive immigration reform.

We continued on to the office of Representative Vern Ehlers. Although our meeting there was not as positive as the meeting with Upton, it seems that Representative Ehlers is also in agreement with the necessity of immigration reform.

We finished off the day by gathering with hundreds of people from 26 different states at the Church of the Reformation. From there, all of the groups that had gathered marched together to the west lawn of the Capitol building of the United States.

At the Capitol, various congressmen, families, and individuals shared their stories and their commitments to comprehensive immigration reform. Perhaps the most exciting part of the rally was when Representative Luis Gutierrez of Chicago spoke, committing to introduce an immigration reform bill in Congress before the end of this year. Si se puede!


We returned that night, tired, but encouraged, with the sounds of our chants and the memory of the unity we had witnessed in our minds and hearts. Friends, we have achieved much in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. However, we still have lots of work to do. Without the support of everyone, we will not achieve the reform that we so want and need.

We urge you to take action now, in any or all of the following ways, to help advance immigration reform and let our government know that we mean business! Join the Reform Immigration for America text network. All you need to do is send a text message with the word “unity” in English, or “unidad” in Spanish, to the number 69866.

Visit the Reform Immigration for America website at to email your congressmen, send them faxes, and sign up to receive action alerts via email. Call your congressmen personally and tell them that you want comprehensive immigration reform!

Si se puede! Yes we can!

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