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Vigil Kicks Off Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October 1, 2009

About 50 people gathered at the downtown YWCA West Central Michigan facility for a candlelight vigil to kick off Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The YWCA has hosted this event for more than a decade.


Eileen McKeever with the YWCA welcomed the crowd and talked a bit about the statistical reality for domestic violence victims across the US. According to the most recent Department of Justice statistics (2005), more than 1,200 people died from domestic violence. Another sobering statistic was that when looking at male and female murder victims in the US, 33% of all women who were murdered last year were murdered by an intimate partner, but in the case of men who were murdered only 3% were murdered by an intimate partner.

In addition to these comments, several women from the community who work in the area of domestic violence prevention and victim services each read the names and information about 16 women who were murdered as a result of domestic in Michigan. The list of 16 was only a partial listing for 2009. In addition, those present watched a YouTube video that stressed the importance of thinking about how Domestic Violence is a learned behavior with children.

We spoke with Eileen McKeever after the event……

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