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Local News Coverage of the Immigration Reform Campaign

September 4, 2009

On Monday, Reform Immigration For America (RIFA) kicked off their public campaign in Michigan to work towards comprehensive immigration reform. The West Michigan group working with RIFA held a press conference at the UFCW headquarters in Grand Rapids.


The only news media to show up was the Grand Rapids Press and WWMT channel 3 in Kalamazoo. I spoke with the channel 3 reporter who said that they would be sharing video footage of the press conference with the other local TV stations, since they now have an agreement to share video footage in order to cut costs. Of the four local TV stations, only WWMT has any coverage of the press conference posted online and their story was quite brief.

In contrast, the Grand Rapids Press story was quite good in that they cited several of the speakers from the press conference, provided a list of the demands that were being presented and even mentioned an action that people could take in order to get involved. What was most important about the Press coverage was the fact that they acknowledged that the local coalition is a broad based coalition representing people from organized labor, the faith community, and civil rights groups.

We filmed the entire press conference for those who would like to hear all the speakers from that day.

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