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Media Bites – Bank of America

August 3, 2009

In this week’s Media Bites we look at a recent Bank of America commercial. We discuss how the ad is deceptive since the commercial conveys nothing about the massive taxpayer bailout the company received last year. Bank of America is trying to present themselves as a company that helps Americans, but the fact is they are primarily interested in helping themselves. Bank of America was also cited in a new study of financial institutions that continued to pay huge bonuses to employees. Lastly, we look at how much money the company uses for lobbying and supporting political candidates.

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  1. August 3, 2009 8:45 pm

    Thanks is so true and sad ( most of the time even worse ) when your first language is not english
    and you bite all the sweetness in their adds.
    We ( my husband and I ) were so desperate to found a loan to open a business, but for many reasons they decline our request ( this bank and some others ) .
    And we were asking our self’s how come they always “help” the people who doesn’t seems to have all the resources to paid them back?
    And we finally found our answer “they don’t care”
    Their main plan is to take away all from them.

    *If you ever need some help with the voice over ( en español ) let me know I will love to help.

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