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One month after Proposal 3 passed in Michigan, what are the Anti-Abortion groups saying?

December 7, 2022

It has been one month since voters in Michigan passed Proposal 3, which amends the Michigan Constitution to add the right to choose to have an abortion and use contraceptives as law of the land.

The passing of Proposal 3 was an important victory for bodily autonomy and reproductive justice. However, most of the US is still confronted with the reality of having Roe v Wade overturned, which criminalizes abortion and will have the largest impact for those living in poverty, particularly those who are Black, Indigenous and other communities of color. 

Equally important is the fact that there are still powerful, well organized groups in Michigan that have taken a hard anti-abortion stance and are likely to continue to organize and take action to prevent people from having abortions in Michigan and around the country.

We will collectively need to remain vigilant when it comes to what the anti-abortion forces are thinking and planning for in the near future, especially since we know that they will not let up in the quest to make abortion illegal everywhere. What follows are some comments and excerpts from various anti-abortion groups in Michigan.

Right to Life Michigan

Here is what the President of Right o Life Michigan wrote the day after Proposal 3 was passed:

We are deeply saddened by the tragic passage of one of the most dangerous ballot proposals to face voters in Michigan history, Proposal 3. In the days ahead, Right to Life Michigan will redouble our efforts to work across Michigan communities to protect the dignity of all human life.

On November 14th, Right to Life Michigan posted an article with the belief that the public was lied to by those promoting Proposal 3. In addition, Right to Life Michigan notes that those that support reproductive freedom want to reverse other legislation that put some limitations on bodily autonomy, stating: They already have highlighted two laws they want to repeal: our state’s 24-hour waiting period, and our law protecting people from paying for abortions through health insurance. 

Michigan Catholic Conference

The day after Proposal 3 passed in Michigan, the Michigan Catholic Conference wrote: 

“This is a tragic day for Michigan and for the cause of protecting and upholding the inherent dignity of all human life. Despite the tremendous hurdle this constitutional amendment presents, we will continue to support policies that uphold parental rights and the sanctity of human life as well as those that offer assistance to women in need. Regardless of what abortion laws and policies are in place, we continue to pray for and work toward a day where human life is welcomed as a gift and where abortion is considered an unthinkable option.”

Then on November 18, the MCC wrote:

“The entire abortion landscape just changed, literally overnight. We must respond. As legal protections for the unborn are not realistic in the near-term in our state, vision, courage, and leadership are thus necessary to anticipate and build the framework for a pro-life culture that supports women and families through sound public policies. That would be our task regardless of the outcome of the election, but it becomes more crucial with the approval of Proposal 3.”

The Ridge Covenant Church

The Ridge Covent Church is not an anti-Abortion centered group, but their church does spent a great deal of time condemning abortion. A good example is this post-Election commentary by their pastor, who likes to refer to Michigan as a state that sanctions baby murdering.

In addition, here are a couple of graphics/posters that The Ridge Covenant Church like to use, which emphasize the “evils of abortion.”

March for Life

It is important to note that most of the anti-abortion groups in Michigan have been promoting and planning to attend the March for Life rally in Washington, DC beginning on January 20th next year. The Grand Rapids Chapter of Right to Life is promoting the national march, which they see as a way to motivate people to come back to their respective communities to fight against abortion. I include this, even though it has been happening for decades, but it is worth noting as people will also be networking with other anti-abortion activists from around the country, so we should be prepared for a renewed commitment from people in Michigan. 

It is vitally important that even though Proposal 3 passed, we should not become complacent in our fight to defend reproductive justice and bodily autonomy. The anti-abortion forces will not be taking time off. In fact, it could be argued that there will likely be an increase in anti-abortion activity in Michigan, with the possibility of actions that will not be non-violent, like the Operation Rescue type of actions we saw in the late 1980s and early 90s. 

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