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Wanted for funding the criminalization of Abortion: Grand Rapids Right to Life

October 6, 2022

This is the sixth in a series of WANTED posters, looking at individuals, families and organizations in West Michigan that have contributed significantly to the criminalization of abortion and the undermining of reproductive justice.

Today’s focus is on the Grand Rapids chapter of Right to Life. The Grand Rapids Right to Life is the main boots on the ground anti-abortion organization in Grand Rapids. This organization provides mis-education resources, a speakers bureau, does a great deal of work with churches and targets youth to recruit them into their hatred for bodily autonomy.

The Grand Rapids Right to Life group sends people to harass and intimidate those who go to clinics and are seeking an abortion, plus they harass and intimidate those who are there to defend reproductive justice. The GR Right to Life group also sends people to Lansing and Washington, DC on an annual basis to participate in marches and to pressure legislators to criminalize abortion. 

In addition, GR Right to Life produces a newsletter that goes out to thousands of households, and they have a Facebook page, a twitter and instagram account, along with a YouTube channel, all of which are weapons they use to spread propaganda and misinformation. 

The Grand Rapids Right to Life is also the recipient of money from thousands of families in the Grand Rapids area, including some of the families we have highlighted in previous Wanted posters. 

We encourage you to share this poster and consider directing some of your rage at the recent US Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe v Wade towards the Grand Rapids Right to Life. Their headquarters are located at 2340 Porter Street SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49519. It would be a great place for an action!

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