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Trump endorsed Gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon received a ton of campaign contributions from the DeVos family and the rest of the Grand Rapids elite

August 3, 2022

As I post this, it looks like Tudor Dixon is going to win the GOP Primary race to face Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in the November Election. The GOP Gubernatorial candidate list was significantly reduced, since several candidates failed to get enough valid signatures to be on the ballot. 

Last Friday, July 29, Tudor Dixon received an official endorsement from former US President Donald Trump, which pushed her ahead of the other Republican Gubernatorial candidates. In a Press Release that same day, Dixon wrote:

“It is a great honor to receive President Trump’s endorsement and have the strength of our campaign to defeat Gretchen Whitmer further affirmed by his support.”

Another endorsement that Dixon received, much earlier than the endorsement from Trump, was an official endorsement from the DeVos family. In a May 23rd Press Release, Dixon includes a comment from Dick DeVos:

“The DeVos family have decided to stand with Tudor Dixon as being the next, right governor for the state of Michigan. We think Tudor, as a business leader and a mom, has the experience, the passion, and a plan to put the state back on track.” 

Based on the most recent Campaign Finance records, the DeVos family and other families who work for the DeVos family, have contributed a substantial amount to Dixon’s campaign. Here is the data from the most recent campaign finance data, which was due on July 25th:

  • Betsy DeVos $7,150
  • Doug DeVos $7,150
  • Melissa DeVos $7,150
  • Suzanne DeVos $7,150
  • Dick DeVos $7,150
  • Dan DeVos $7,150
  • Pamella DeVos $7,150
  • Rick DeVos $7,150
  • Dalton DeVos $7,150
  • Maria DeVos $7,150
  • Steve Ehmann (RDV Corp) $7,150
  • Jerry Tubergen (RDV Corp) $7,150
  • Barb Van Andel-Gaby $7,150
  • David Van Andel $7,150
  • Carol Van Andel $7,150
  • Amy Van Andel $7,150
  • Stephen Van Andel $7,150
  • Elsa Broekhuizen (Betsy’s Mom) $7,150
  • Ren Broekhuizen $7,150
  • Emilie Wierda (Betsy’s Sisiter) $7,150
  • Laurie Wierda $7,150
  • Craig Wierda $7,150
  • Chris Wierda $7,150

The total of the DeVos, Van Andel, Prince/Broekhuizen family contributions comes to a total of $164,450, making them the largest single contributing family group to any of the Gubernatorial candidates in Michigan in 2022. 

There were other members of the West Michigan elite, which contributed to Dixon’s campaign, such as several members of the Haworth family, Mark Murray, Mike & Gayle VanGessel, and members of the DeWitt family. However, the DeVos/Van Andel/Prince/Broekhuizen cartel was head and shoulders above everyone else.

If you go to the website for Tudor Dixon’s campaign, one can see how her platform aligns with the DeVos/Van Andel/Prince/Broekhuizen cartel, especially on economic, education, abortion and public safety matters. We will continue to follow Dixon and report on her campaign finances just before the November election to see how much more the money her campaign receives from the wealthiest families in our back yard. Lastly, it is always important to point out that the financial support for Tudor Dixon from the DeVos/Van Andel/Prince/Broekhuizen cartel means that they are in agreement with the neo-fascist Donald Trump about who should be the next Governor of Michigan. This is not surprising, since the DeVos family made significant contributions to Trump in the 2020 Election, which means the DeVos family endorses all of the White Supremacist and neo-fascist aspects of Trump and his Maga horde.

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