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Latest Amway announcement on ending operations in Russia is all about the loss of markets

June 30, 2022

In March, we posted our response to Amway’s announcement that they were temporarily suspending operations in Russia and Ukraine because of the Russian invasion

In that post from earlier this year we stated: 

So, Amway does their best to avoid demonstrating any real solidarity with the Ukrainian people, nor do they empathize with the harsh realities that civilians are facing in Ukraine because of the Russian invasion. What Amway does do, is to constantly promote themselves and their capitalist values. In the end, the Amway corporation is not pausing operations because of human rights, they are only pausing operations because it would be an embarrassment to continue doing business in Russia. If Russia and Ukraine negotiate a peace settlement, you can bet that Amway will be back in Russia, attempting to create more little capitalists, regardless of the repressive political realities under the Putin regime.

Three and a half months later, the Ada-based global marketing giant has made another announcement about finally ending their operations in Russia. Here is their full statement:

Earlier this week, we shared with our employees and Amway Business Owners (ABOs) that Amway’s global Board of Directors has made the decision to cease operations in Russia. This follows our announcement on March 14th, 2022, on the suspension of product imports.

This is the first time in Amway’s 63-year history that we have left a market. What makes this such a heartbreaking decision is our enduring belief in offering an economic opportunity, meant for everyone. After exploring all possible options, we have reached a point where economic, technological, organizational, and operational circumstances have made it impossible for us to operate in Russia.

Beginning July 1, we will be thoughtfully and responsibly winding down our operations there. We are focused on providing support to those impacted by this decision; and on treating all with openness, dignity, and respect while meeting our contractual and statutory obligations.

Amway employees and ABOs in Russia have been a part of our family for 17 years and we are endlessly grateful to them for their dedication and for inspiring us with their entrepreneurial spirit.

This latest announcement is worth deconstructing, something that local media sources like MLive will not do.

First, like in their March 2022 announcement, Amway makes it all about them. In their brief statement, Amway uses their own name four times. In addition, Amway center’s their business owners in Russia.

Second, the pyramid scheme company further’s their narcissism by saying, “This is the first time in Amway’s 63-year history that we have left a market. What makes this such a heartbreaking decision is our enduring belief in offering an economic opportunity, meant for everyone.” 

Third, never does the Amway announcement discuss the difficulties that the Russian invasion of Ukraine – which continues to divert public money for militarism rather than human needs – has caused regular Russia people, whom they claim to champion. There is also no statement of solidarity with the Russian or Ukrainian people, both of whom are suffering from the violence of the invasion and the economic consequences of that invasion. No, we are sad because we are missing out on pushing our products in a market!

This latest Amway announcement is rather instructive, especially since it exposes the core of the Amway business ethos, which is nothing more than the ethos of Capitalism. It all comes down to expanding markets and profit margins, without even a hint of humanity or solidarity for the people of two countries that will be impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, nor the role that the US and NATO are playing to expand their area of influence. Maybe Amway can recoup their profit loses in Russia by become the official sponsor of the US military and their NATO allies. Soap and vitamins for everyone!

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