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Michigan Senator Gary Peters proposes an even larger US Military Budget, while millions in this country struggle to survive and the world burns

June 23, 2022

Last week, the Senate Armed Services Committee voted 23 – 3, to add an additional $45 Billion to the US military budget. The Biden Administration originally requested an increase from the 2022 US Military budget, which was $782 Billion, but the Democratic White House asked for $813 Billion.

The Senate Armed Services Committee’s vote to add more makes the US Military’s Budget an astronomically bloated budget, especially considering that millions of people living in the US are struggling to just survive.

One of the members of the Senate Armed Services Committee is Gary Peters from Michigan. Peters, like his predecessor Carl Levin, also voted consistently for a bloated US Military budget, a budget which is larger than the next 14 country’s Military budgets, COMBINED.

William Hartung, a senior research fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, and the author of numerous books on US military spending, stated recently:

“The administration’s proposal is already higher than spending at the peaks of the Korean and Vietnam Wars and over $100 billion more than at the height of the Cold War,” Hartung said in a statement. “Throwing more money at the Pentagon will not make us safer — it will just divert funds from addressing other urgent challenges like pandemics and climate change that put millions of Americans at risk.”

Additionally, Robert Weissman, president of Public Citizen, released the following statement:

“The Senate Armed Services Committee’s choice to defy both the president and public opinion and flood the Pentagon with more money is outrageous. Time and again, Congress funnels billions in additional funds to costly weapons programs, war, and defense contractors, while claiming that human needs would ‘cost too much.’ Most Americans oppose efforts to rocket-launch military spending towards a trillion dollars per year. Lawmakers should reject this and champion human-centered spending instead.”

The National Priorities Project has been tracking the cost of war and US Militarism for several decades now, with real-time counters that boggle the mind.  In addition, they look at concrete trade-offs, to demonstrate how the US Military budget could be spent on human needs in this country. You can look at those trade-offs nationally, at the State level or the City level. Based on the 2022 US Military Budget, $370.66 Million leaves Grand Rapids for the US Military budget in tax dollars. Imagine what that kind of money could be used for, especially for the thousands of families that are struggling to pay rent, eat well, have good health coverage, etc.

On the day that the Senate Armed Services Committee voted to increase the US Military budget, Senator Peters released a statement, where he bragged about getting more funding for military bases in Michigan, and massive taxpayer subsidies for private military contractors in the state.

This is what we get when we continue to vote for people like Gary Peters. This is what voting for the lesser of evils looks like. Senator Peters is proposing to increase an already bloated US Military budget, while millions of people in this country can’t afford to survive. Senator Peters wants to increase a massive military budget while the world is burning. How do people justify this this sort of banality?

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