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Protestors disrupt 1997 re-dedication of the Ford Museum in Grand Rapids

May 23, 2022

Cole Former US Presidents Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush, joined Gerald R. Ford in Grand Rapids for a re-dedication of the Ford Museum. Little did they know that a group of Anarchist Youth would confront the.

According to an article in the Grand Rapids Press from April 18, 1997, about 20 protestors with the group, the Revolutionary Anarchist Youth of Grand Rapids, showed up to confront the ex-Presidents for the oppression they have caused against those living in the US.

Cole Dorsey, a member of the Revolutionary Anarchist Youth of Grand Rapids, was quoted as saying, “We are here are here for all oppressed people in this country.” The group had unfurled a banner with an obscene message, according to the Grand Rapids Press reporter. (see GR Press article below) Cole Dorsey had told me years later that it was “important to protest the re-dedication of the Ford Museum, especially since there were several US Presidents, all of which had committed serious crimes against people in the US and War Crimes against countless civilians in other countries.”

Just the year before, many of the same 20 protestors were involved in several anti-policing actions in Grand Rapids, which was happening at the same tine as the creation of the Civilian Review Board.



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