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GRIID Interview with Indigenous Activists on MMIP Rally in Grand Rapids and Performative Politics

May 15, 2022

GRIID was able to sit down recently with two local Indigenous activists to talk about the recent Mission & Murdered Indigenous People rally that was held in Grand Rapids.

We spoke with Joe (Banashee) Cadreau, Co founder of Bimose Ode and the executive secretary of The Native Circle of Newaygo County, and Jade (Giddigongoons-kwe) Green, Co-founder of Bimose Ode and Youth Council Chair at Native Circle of Newaygo County.

Here are the questions that we asked both of them:

  • Can someone briefly talk about what the Indigenous Rally was for last week and who organized it?
  • Did the organizers invite City Commissioner Joe Jones? If so, for what reason?
  • What are your main critiques for objecting to have Joe Jones speak at an Indigenous event/rally?
  • We talked about this just before the interview, what was the difference between this rally and the one that was organized last year?
  • For people who will be watching this video, what message(s) would you like them to think about?

The interview is 13 minutes long.

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