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Five Ways you can show solidarity with the Family of Patrick Lyoya, the 26 year old Black man killed by the GRPD

April 7, 2022

People in Grand Rapids are stepping up and showing a great deal of solidarity with the family of Patrick Lyoya, who was shot and killed by the GRPD on Monday, April 4. Solidarity can take many forms and there are at least 5 concrete things you can do to show solidarity for the family of Patrick Lyoya.

First, you can go to this link and sign a letter that will be sent to City, County and Federal officials, a letter with the following demands, as stated by Patrick’s family:

  • All body and dashboard camera footage needs to be publicly released immediately. This includes the officer who killed Patrick and any other officers who were on the scene of the murder.
  • The City of Grand Rapids, the Kent County Chief Medical Examiner, and GRPD must allow an external autopsy to be conducted.
  • Translators must be present with any communication with Patrick’s family.

Second, you can participate in a march this coming Saturday, April 9th, from 3 – 5pm. The march is being organized by The Voices of the Revolution and will take place in the Southeast part of Grand Rapids. For details go to this link.  The march will then be followed by a candlelight vigil at 5pm, with details here.

Third, you can participate in another march, planned for Tuesday, April 12, beginning at 5:30pm on the corner of Monroe and Pearl in downtown Grand Rapids. This march will go to the City Commission meeting, which begins at 7pm that night. For details, go to this link.

Fourth, you can make a donation to the family of Patrick Lyoya, to help cover the cost for his funeral. You can donate at the link here 

Lastly, participate in whatever ways you can, share this information on social media and for White Allies, make sure you are centering the voices of Patrick’s family and Black organizers in this city. Don’t talk to the news media, instead defer them to Patrick’s family or Black organizers. 

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