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GRIID End of the Year in Review: Part V – GRIID constructed memes used throughout 2021

December 23, 2021

In Part I of the GRIID End of the Year Review, we looked at all the commercial news stories that we deconstructed in 2021, and in Part II, we look back at our coverage of what the Far Right in West Michigan was up to over the past year. In Part III, we examined what we identify as the Grand Rapids Power Structure. Part IV is a summary of the work of social movements in Grand Rapids during 2021. In this last post in our End of the Year Review, we want to share several of the GRIID created memes we have used throughout the year.

The following memes are just a sample of the ones GRIID created, but these ones here below are reflective on some of the more pressing issues in Grand Rapids over the past year.



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