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Far Right Michigan State Senator Tom Barrett announces he is running for Congress, while the news media fails to provide any real background on his voting record

November 16, 2021

On Monday, Michigan State Senator Tom Barrett, announced that he is running for Congress in the 2022 Elections. 

In standard commercial news media fashion, MLive reported on the Barrett announcement, choosing to use Barrett’s talking points, instead of providing the public with a history of Barrett’s tenure in Lansing.

The MLive article begins with Barrett’s video announcement, with a detailed narrative of the video, without any verification of the claims made in his video. From there, the MLive article pits Barrett as a staunch opponent of Gov. Whitmer’s COVID policies, from the lockdown in 2020 to vaccination issues.

While the stance that Tom Barrett has taken on the pandemic, vaccinations, mask mandates and fighting to give parents control over school curriculum is how the MLive reporter would like us to view Barrett, the article does not challenge Barrett’s views, nor does the reporter bother to explore the significance of these issues.

More importantly, the public would be better served with a more robust look at Barrett’s voting record as a member of the Michigan legislature, along with his numerous public pronouncements, which can be found at this link.

In 2019, as we reported, Barrett made the following statement about immigration activists demanding driver’s licenses, when he said:

“We have to respect the laws of our country, not encourage or reward people for being here illegally.”

Such pronouncement would not come as a surprise to those who have followed Barrett’s political career, on matters of immigration and race relations. In fact, in 2018, Barrett proposed legislation to make English the official language for the State of Michigan. While the MLive article presents Barrett as a Conservative, a more accurate reflection of what Tom Barrett really believes could best be described as someone who embraces a White Supremacists worldview.

In the final paragraphs, the MLive article then juxtaposes Barrett with his likely opponent in the 2022 Congressional race, Rep. Elissa Slotkin. Just as the MLive reporter gives us no real history on Barrett’s voting record, the same is the case with Slotkin. Providing the public with an accurate breakdown of Slotkin’s voting record would be easy, since this information is compiled at the online source known as Vote Smart. Here is a link to the chronological voting record of Elissa Slotkin.

Lastly, there is no information provided in the MLive article in regards to who financed Barrett’s run as a State Senator. This information would be beneficial for people to know, since in electoral politics it is always important to follow the money. Plus, the MLive reporter could have reached out to previous campaign contributors to see if they will financially back Barrett’s bid for Congress.

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