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Peter Meijer, Campaign Finances and the 2022 Election: Corporate paymasters and GR Power Structure member contributions

November 1, 2021

As of last weeks quarterly campaign finance reporting, Rep. Peter Meijer has raised  $1,083,457 for the 2022 election cycle. 

The Democratic Party has yet to announce a challenger to Meijer, but looking at who has already contributed to his re-election campaign, any challenger will have a difficult task in trying to unseat the son of the wealthiest family in West Michigan.

According to the Center for Responsible Politics, there are three clear campaign contribution categories for Rep. Peter Meijer, corporate contributions, wealthy individuals who are part of the Grand Rapids Power Structure and Political Action Committees (PACs). 

Here is a list of some of the major corporate contributions to Peter Meijer’s re-election campaign so far:

  • Meijer Inc.    $23,500
  • Edward C Levy Co.    $23,200
  • Ford Motor Company    $13,700
  • Bissell Inc.    $11,600
  • Dempsy Ventures    $11,600
  • Gordon Food Services. –  $11,600
  • Wolverine Oil & Gas. –  $11,600
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield. –  $10,850
  • New York Life Insurance. –  $10,000
  • Gerson Lehman Group    $10,000

Political Action Committees, often referred to as PACs, are some of the most aggressive campaign contributors in recent decades. Here are a few that have contributed to Peter Meijer’s re-election bid:

  • Future First Leadership PAC    $10,000
  • Eye of the Tiger PAC. –  $10,000
  • Continuing America’s Strength & Security PAC    $7,500
  • Ginger PAC. –  $5,800
  • Unite American. –  $5,200
  • Cowboy PAC. –  $5,000
  • New Pioneer’s PAC. –  $5,000
  • Making America Prosperous    $5,000
  • With Honor PAC    $5,000

Lastly, there are individuals and entities that make up the Grand Rapids Power Structure, which have also contributed to Peter Meijer’s re-election campaign:

  • Autocam Corp/John Kennedy    $11,600
  • Van Andel Institute. –  $11,600
  • Amway. –  $5,000
  • CWD Real Estate    $4,583
  • Rockford Construction. –  $3,271
  • Michael Jandernoa LLC. –  $2,900
  • RDV Corp. –  $2,900
  • Pamela Roland (wife of Dan DeVos). –  $2,900

This is just a partial listing of major contributors so far, but we all know that millions more will pour in before the November 2022 election. In the meantime, it is always important that we follow the money and understand what really drives the US system of electoral democracy.

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