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The Grand Rapids Power Structure is backing Mark Huizenga in a big way for the 28th Senate District

July 26, 2021

The Grand Rapids Power Structure has made it clear that of the three GOP candidates running for the 28th District Senate seat, they are picking Mark Huizenga. 

Huizenga is running against Tommy Brann and Kevin Green, all of who have been State Representatives. The two Democratic Party challengers are Keith Courtade and Gidget Groendyk, but neither of them stands a chance to defeat the GOP candidate that has the financial endorsement of every major player in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

Huizenga is the choice of the most powerful people in West Michigan because he has consistently demonstrated his allegiance to the issues that best represent their interests – a pro-business, reduce taxes on the rich, small government, Anti-Choice, anti-Labor Union, and pro-police positions. 

I mean, the first thing you see when you go to Huizenga’s Senate candidacy website are the words, Faith, Family, Country. Of course, there isn’t much information about Huizenga’s platform or his voting record of the years, but these are details that the people just don’t really care about. At least, that is what we are told.

So here is a rundown of the financial backed that Mark Huizenga has received from those with tremendous political and economic power in the Greater Grand Rapids area, based on date from the Secretary of State’s Office.

Betsy DeVos $2,100

Ken Sikkema $2,100

Karl Betz $2,100

Carol Van Andel $2,100

Patricia Betz $2,100

Dan DeVos $2,100

Jeff Connelly $2,100

Maria DeVos $2,100

John Weller $2,100

Timothy Schowalter $2,100

Jim Williams $2,100

Tom Helmstetter $2,100

Sid Jansma Jr. $2,100

Jeffrey Baker $2,100

Suzanne DeVos $2,100

Jerry Tubergen $2,100

S. Helmstetter $2,100

Daniel Hibman $2,100

Bill Morren $2,100

J.C. Huizenga $2,100

Carla Sikkema $2,100

David Van Andel $2,100

Doug DeVos $2,100

Richard DeVos Jr. $2,100

Stephen Ehmann $2,100

Pamela DeVos $2,100

Michael Jandernoa $2,100

Now this list just represents the list of those who contributed the maximum amount for individuals. There are also other people who are part of the local power structure that contributed less than the maximum $2,100, some $1,500 and some $1,000, but you get a pretty clear idea from this list.

Now I am not a betting man and neither are those with deep pockets. The list of people here are strategic in their thinking, no matter how vile or loathsome they might be, they don’t just throw their money around. I would find it hard to believe that on August 4th, there would be a name other than Mark Huizenga as the winner of the August 3rd Primary for the 28th District Senate Seat. 

So, how do we counter the political and economic influence that the Grand Rapids Power Structure wields? I don’t believe that it is a matter of matching their funding with better candidates. I believe that we build powerful social movements that can not only challenge the policies implemented by the Capitalist Class and their bought politicians, but more importantly, we build movements that actually create the kind of world we want to live in. We need to build social movements that practice direct democracy, direct action and collective liberation instead of playing the chess game that those in power want us to play. 

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