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Monitoring Wealth & Power in West Michigan: A DeVos Family Reader – We’re Rich and We Do What We Want

June 10, 2021

We try to update the DeVos Family Reader about every 6 months.

We hadn’t updated the DeVos Family Reader since the beginning of December, but we now have an updated version, which puts the DeVos Family Reader over 500 pages. Just go to this link and the DeVos Family Reader is the first item to click on.

In the DeVos Family Reader, you will find archival articles from the 1970s, plus sections on DeVos money and electoral politics, how the DeVos family influences West Michigan reality, the function of the various DeVos Family foundations, how the local news media represents the DeVos Family and a section entitled Betsy DeVos Watch..

There are also a list of books and online resources for monitoring the most powerful family in West Michigan.

The image below includes a direct quote from Richard DeVos, which reveals his White Supremacist values, and his belief in Manifest Destiny. 

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