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Papers not crumbs: Interview with Movimiento Cosecha GR after their action in Washington DC

May 6, 2021

Last weekend, Movimiento Cosecha GR took two bus loads of people to Washington, DC to make the same demands of the Biden Administration as they did for the Trump Administration.

Movimiento Cosecha is demanding Dignity, Respect and Permanent Protection for all 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the US.

The motivation to go to DC was to make clear that like the previous US Administrations, after the first 100 days in office, the Biden Administration has not looked much different from what immigrants were experiencing under Trump.

We sat down with two of the Cosecha GR organizers, Gema and Idalia, both of who went to DC last weekend. We asked them four questions: 1) What was the main focus of going to Washington DC, since during the past 4 May Days, the actions have been local; 2) What kind of actions did you organize and take part in during the two days in Washington, DC; 3) There has been a clear drop in attention and support by the ally community since the November Election, what message do you have for allies about why it is important to continue supporting the immigrant justice movement; and 4) Those who went to DC were very energized, so how do you maintain that kind of energy and how do you get more people involved for the fight ahead?

During the interview, Gema responded in English and Idalia responded in Spanish, however both of these courageous organizers had powerful things to say. The interview is just under 16 minutes.

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