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A new round of pro-GRPD billboards are up: Help us demand transparency for who is paying for these pro-cop messages

March 28, 2021

Since last December, there have been several different billboard campaigns that have been seen all over the Grand Rapids area. Some of these billboards have been purchased by the Grand Rapids Police Officer’s Association (GRPOA), as we noted in late December.

Around the same time, there are appeared several billboards that read Oppose Defunding Police, with a tag line at the bottom that read Brothers in Blue GR. I called OutFront Media in early January, asking for information on who was paying for the Oppose Defunding the Police billboards. I got put on hold for a while, then was connected to the General Manager of OutFront Media in Grand Rapids. (OutFront Media is a huge national entity.

I spoke with Brad to inquire as to who or what group was funding the Oppose Defunding Police billboards. Brad told me he would have to contact the sales person who got that particular contract. After a few days, I followed up with Brad to find out if he had information I was looking for. He said that he hadn’t got that information and would have to get back to me. 

Well, he never got back to me and now there is a new series of billboards using OutFront Media space, like the one you can see here below.

This new billboard also says Oppose Defunding Police and has the tag line Brothersinbluegr. However, in this new ad campaign they are using the image of Daniel Duyst, who died in 1994, with the message, LAID DOWN HIS LIFE FOR ANOTHER. 

According to the pro-cop website Officer Down Memorial Page, Daniel Duyst did not die while on duty, he died when he jumped out of his boat to try to save someone in the water, but both Duyst and the person he tried to save died from electrocution. While we can acknowledge that Mr. Duyst was acting in a noble manner, trying to save someone in Lake Michigan, it had nothing to do with him being part of the GRPD. Lots of people do courageous things all around the world everyday to prevent harm and it has nothing to do with their profession. People work to prevent harm because of their humanity.

Now, we still don’t know who is paying for these billboards that are presenting misinformation. Confronting this misinformation is important, especially since the GRPD has assaulted members of the Black and immigrant communities in recent years, all of which have been documented, plus we are now seeing the GRPD targeting and arresting Black and Brown organizers with Justice for Black Lives. 

Therefore, we have a right to know, the community has a right to know, who is financing these pro-GRPD billboards throughout the city. We are asking that everyone who reads this post to call OutFront Media and ask to talk to General Manager Brad Eldridge, and demand that he make public the person, persons or group that is paying for these pro-police billboards. 

Call Brad Eldridge 

General Manager 

OutFront Media

616 – 452 – 3171

Demand Transparency!

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