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We Were Targeted: Justice for Black Lives Press Conference addresses GRPD targeted arrests at George Floyd solidarity protest

March 9, 2021

The 8 people who were arrested by the Grand Rapids Police Department during a Monday protest march that coincided by the trial of the cop who publicly lynched George Floyd, held a Press Conference in downtown Grand Rapids.

One of the more prominent themes that came up during the Press Conference was that organizers, particularly Black and Brown organizers, were targeted by the GRPD. The GRPD claims that those arrests were because of a noise ordinance violation, failure to obey a command and for blocking traffic. What is interesting about these claims, which are always selectively enforced, is that since May 30th, the GRPD has pretty much allowed protesters to take over the streets, particularly in downtown Grand Rapids.

Other people who spoke during the Press Conference made it clear, that while the GRPD arrests were meant to intimidate people, such tactics will not work. Organizers made it clear that they are committed to fighting racism, that they want the police to be held accountable and that they want to Defund the GRPD.

The following short video, includes two of the organizers/arrestees who read brief statements during the Press Conference. For updates on the arrests and Justice for Black Lives actions go to

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