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American Patriot Council blog claims Michigan Advance journalist uses accusations against Ryan Kelley, then completely fails to refute the accusations

March 6, 2021

On February 23rd, Kayla Sosa, in an article for the Michigan Advance, wrote an article pointing out that co-founder of the American Patriot Council, Ryan Kelley, is now running for Governor in Michigan. 

The headline of the article reads, A GOP West Mich. official who was reportedly at the Jan. 6 insurrection is now running for governor.

Lots of media outlets have been reporting on the announcement that American Patriot Council co-founder Ryann Kelley, had announced that he was running for Governor in Michigan in 2022. We wrote about it on February 4, in a post entitled, Why I think Ryan Kelley’s announcement to run for Governor in Michigan can be a benefit to the anti-racism/Black Lives Matter movement.

The article in the Michigan Advance is a pretty straight forward piece and rather conciliatory, since it references Kelley’s campaign site, Allendale Township Supervisor Adam Elenbass, who is quoted as defending him, and the township lawyer who also provides comments that are not detrimental to Kelley. 

In fact, the Michigan Advance article does not make any accusations, it only raises questions about Ryan Kelley’s attendance at the January 6 storming of the US Capitol, his role in challenging the 2020 election count in Michigan and his relationship with one of the men accused of being part of the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer last fall. This is what was written in the Michigan Advance article.

In response, the American Patriot Council decides to blog about what appeared in the Michigan Advance. However, the American Patriot Council writer begins their story by confusing the Michigan Advance, which is an online publication, with the Advance, which is a weekly newspaper in Kent County. The dead giveaway, was when the American Patriot Council referred to the newspaper as, “at the end of every Michigan driveway, dirty, wet and mashed to a pulp, is the writings of failed reporters.” Thus, the American Patriot Council writer didn’t even know the difference between these two media sources.

The there is the issue of whether or not the American Patriot Council even bothered to refute the “accusations” made in the Michigan Advance article. They didn’t. The only thing the American Patriot Council writer had to say in response to the Michigan Advance piece was:

The parts of the story not copied from other publications, is mostly quotes extracted by Kelley’s colleague, Adam Elenbass, who repeatedly told the Advance that he “preferred not to comment.” Elenbass did say that he had seen “no proof that Ryan had broken the law.”

This is not a refutation of the claimed accusations, it is simply a restating of the obvious.

The rest of the very short article then quotes Kelley and refers to him as responding with his “typical grace and dignity.” Of course the writer is going to present Ryan Kelley only in the most glowing way, but what is even more ridiculous is the American Patriot Council writer asked Kelley if he was going to seek any corrections from the Michigan Advance reporter. Kelley’s response, “I don’t ask the Times for corrections, I’m not going to start with the Advance.

Now, it is quite possible that Ryan Kelley is the author of the American Patriot Council, thus he is just quoting himself in this most recent piece. The reason that we think he might be the writer is the fact that every article on the American Patriot Council’s blog is written by someone calling themselves A Closer. This is terminology often used in the real estate business, by those who close the deal on a house, and Ryan Kelley is a realtor. 

However, regardless of who A Closer is, it is painfully clear that they do not write well, they provided false information in this most recent article and they provided no evidence to refute the claims made in the Michigan Advance story. 

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