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Founders of the American Patriot Council were involved in the January 6th Siege at the US Capitol

January 20, 2021

In the last few days, there have been photos of the co-founders of the American Patriot Council, Ryan Kelley and Jason Howland, at the January 6 siege on the US Capitol.

The pictures of Kelley, at least the ones I have seen, shows him outside, like the picture here on the right.

The fact that the “Founding Fathers of the American Patriot Council,” as they like to refer to themselves as, were at the January 6th siege on the US Capitol is not a surprise to people who have been following and monitoring these two men.

Kelley and Howland were instrumental in organizing many of the anti-lockdown protests in Lansing, beginning in April of 2020, and they organized the anti-lockdown protest in Grand Rapids in May.

In October, we wrote how the American Patriot Council not only had a relationship with some of the white men who plotted to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, we also wrote that they created a climate for this type of violence.

What is interesting about Kelley and Howland’s involvement in the January 6 siege, is that one of the core values of the American Patriot Council, based on what is listed on their website, states:

Nonviolence is a way of life for courageous people.

  1. We condemn acts of violence, especially to achieve political gain.
  2. We do not tolerate lawless behavior or illegal actions.

If Howland and Kelley really believe this core value, which is questionable, then their attendance and participation in the January 6th siege at the US Capitol is in direct contradiction of the value of non-violence. This is especially true of Jason Howland, as he was inside the US Capitol building on January 6, based on the photo here below. The only way for anyone connected to the January 6th siege to get into the US Capitol building that day, was by force.

Ryan Kelley and Allendale 

Many people are also aware that Ryan Kelley sits on the Planning Commission for Allendale Charter Township. There has been an effort since this past summer to get the Allendale Charter Township governing board to remove Ryan Kelley from the Planning Commission. Up til now that effort has been unsuccessful. In addition, according to a recent Facebook post, some people have shared the pictures of Kelley at the January 6 siege at the US Capitol with Allendale Charter Township Trustee Adam Elenbaas, who still maintains that unless Kelley did anything illegal on the January 6th, the Allendale Charter Township Board of Trustees, “legally cannot remove him from his position as he was not acting on behalf of his “role” with the township” on January 6th. Spoken like a true politician.

For those who want to be involved in an organized effort to remove Ryan Kelley from the Allendale Charter Township Planning Commission, please contact Justice for Black Lives or the group Take It Down Allendale. 

As for the American Patriot Council, we will continue to monitor them and write critiques and provide analysis of what they are up to, based on what they post on their website and their YouTube channel. 

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