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Talking Food Justice, Not Food Charity, on the Fourth U Dimension podcast

January 13, 2021

Last week I had the opportunity to talk about Food Justice with my friend Ember Kelley.

Ember, who used to live in Grand Rapids with their family, is now doing religious education work in New York City, with the Fourth Universalist Society.

In our discussion on Food Justice we covered lots of ground, which was prompted by the following questions from Ember:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself

2) What does Food Justice mean to you?

3) What can we do to fight for food justice?

4) How does food justice connect to the other work you do?

5) Food Justice seems a good example of intersectionality- how different issues of oppression inter-relate, as someone who has been doing this work- what observations and insights have you gained about food justice intersecting with fights against other oppressions?

6) What would a world where we have food justice look like to you? What are some practical small steps we could take?

You can listen to or download the 44 minute podcast at this link.

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