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Most of the Congressional and State Representatives from Michigan that signed on to the Texas State lawsuit have DeVos backing

December 11, 2020

Yesterday, MLive reported that 4 Congressional Representatives from Michigan and 12 State Representatives, signed on to the Texas lawsuit that seeks to invalidate the 2020 Election results. 

The 6-page legal brief that the 12 Michigan State Representatives signed on to can be read here. The brief states in part: 

The proposed complaint-in-intervention seeks a declaratory judgment and an injunction against the various Defendants to establish a constitutional process for the selection of Presidential electors from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia (“Defendant States”) relating to the November 3, 2020 election of President and Vice President and future elections. In each case, Article II requires the state legislatures to have a post-election certification vote of their respective Presidential electors before their votes can be counted for President and Vice President.

The legal brief cites the following themes as being unConstitutional:

  • Witnesses say that GOP poll watchers we denied access
  • Absentee ballot errors were high
  • Election official irregularities
  • Disparate impact
  • Possible massive government official manipulation of absentee ballots
  • Videos of: poll workers erupting in cheers as poll challengers are removed
  • Facts for which no independently verified reasonable explanation yet exists

Not surprising, the four Michigan Congressional Representatives have all received significant financial backing from the DeVos family. According to, during the 2020 election alone, here is what the four received from DeVos-owned companies:

Rep. Bill Huizenga

Amway/Alticor Inc $38,900

Rdv Corp $19,000


Rep. John Bergman

RDV Corp $16,800

Amway/Alticor Inc $10,150


Rep. John Moolenaar

Amway/Alticor Inc $16,250

Rdv Corp $8,100

Dp Fox Ventures $5,600


Rep. Tim Walberg

Amway/Alticor Inc $18,250

Rdv Corp $9,100

Dp Fox Ventures $5,600

There were also 12 GOP members of the Michigan State House who also signed on to the Texas lawsuit. Those 12 are listed below, with links to their campaign finances, and as you can see half of these politicians also have received funding from the DeVos family. Each of the 12 State Representatives are hyperlinked so you c an see where there money comes from an those who have been funded by the DeVos family have an amount listed below their name.

Rep. Gary Eisen

Rep. John Reilly

Rep. Julie Alexander

DeVos $5,000

Rep. Matt Maddock

Rep. Daire Rendon

DeVos $9,000

Rep. Beth Griffin

DeVos $14,000

Rep. Douglas Wozniak

Rep. Michele Hoitenga

DeVos $6,000

Rep. Brad Paquette

DeVos $6,000

Rep. Rodney Wakeman

Rep. Greg Markkanen

Rep. Jack O’Malley

DeVos $5,000

We post this information to make the point that these are the kind of politicians that the DeVos cartel has endorsed. It also means the DeVos family endorses these kind of tactics that have originated from the Trump Administration, tactics that demonstrate that partisan politics is about winning, and has nothing to do with the well being of human beings.

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