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“I Don’t Care”: Movimiento Cosecha, Rep. O’Malley and the DeVos family

November 16, 2020

On Sunday, members of Movimiento Cosecha Michigan, held a non-violent demonstration in front of the home of Rep. Jack O’Malley, who not only represents the 101st House District, but is the chair of the Michigan House Transportation Committee.

Movimiento Cosecha has been pressuring Rep. O’Malley to hold hearings to discuss their demand to have Driver’s Licenses for All. Cosecha Michigan has been sending e-mail, making phone calls and then on Sunday held a protest near his house. Here, on the right, you can read what O’Malley’s response was to the Cosecha Michigan demand to have him hold public hearings.

What O”Malley is saying, when he says, “I don’t care,” means that he doesn’t care about the hardship of immigrant lives in Michigan. Saying “I don’t care” also dismisses the lived experience of thousands of immigrants in Michigan who pick his food, work in restaurants in his community or work on construction projects that O’Malley and his constituents benefit from. When Rep. O’Malley says he doesn’t care, he minimizes the risks that immigrant families live with, the fear of being stopped by cops and the economic hardships they face because they do not have a driver’s license. 

On top of this, Rep. Jack O’Malley was just named as Deputy Whip for the Michigan House. If one looks at his recent posts on the Michigan House Republicans page, O’Malley does a great deal of complaining about how Gov. Whitmer has handled the COVID 19 crisis.

On O’Malley’s Facebook page, apart from disrespecting members of Cosecha Michigan (and immigrants in general), O’Malley, in his weekly video post for 11/13, the State Representative for the 101st District, spent time complaining about Gov. Whitmer’s decision to shut down Enbridge’s Line 5. O’Malley continues in his ramblings to argue that Line 5 “in fine right where it is,” but then goes on to argue that everyone should agree to the tunnel that Enbridge is proposing to replace Line 5.

Rep. Jack O’Malley has only been in office since 2018, when he was first elected to the Michigan House. His campaign finance records show that he has received significantly funding from usual GOP sources listed here:

TALLY: Top Disclosed Donors To O’Malley And Connected Committees From 2018 Through Today

1. House Republican Campaign Committee, $151,541

2. Chatfield Majority Funds, Lee Chatfield, $25,250

3. Jack O’Malley, $23,299

4. Wentworth Majority Fund, Jason Wentworth, $6,000

5. Compete Michigan, Mike Shirkey, $5,000

6. Realtors PAC, $5,000

7. DeVos family, Amway, $5,000

8. Blue Water Liberty Fund, Shane Hernandez, $4,500

9. Haworth family, Haworth, $4,000

10. Whiteford Leadership Fund, Mary Whiteford, $4,000

Michigan Strategic Leadership Fund, Jim Lilly, $4,000

However, the one thing that is somewhat misleading about O’Malley’s campaign contributors, is the fact that even though the data here shows that the DeVos family contributed only $5,000, the reality is that the DeVos family is the largest contributor to the House Republican Campaign Committee, contributing more than three times the amount of money of the next largest contributor, the Kennedy family, which is also from Grand Rapids. In reality, the DeVos family has been the largest contributor to Rep. O’Malley, which means that the have bankrolled a legislator who just told immigrants demanding Driver’s Licenses for All, that he doesn’t care.


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