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Tommy Tuberville thinks the US liberated Europe from Socialism during WWII, wins Alabama Senate seat, with lots of funding from the DeVos cartel

November 13, 2020

Since the November 3rd election, there have been many things that should be of concern to people who care about social justice and collective liberation.

A great deal of attention has been given to Trump’s unwillingness to concede the election results, which is understandable. However, there is another significant issue, which is the fact that the GOP will continue to control the US Senate.

With the continued Republican control of the Senate, they will be able to block or alter potential cabinet positions, along with making it difficult for social justice-oriented policy to be passed.

We can thank that DeVos cartel in part for the continued GOP control of the Senate. The DeVos cartel contributed nearly $1 million to the Republican Senate Leadership Fund, which contributed money to several key GOP Senate candidates, like Tommy Tuberville in Alabama.

Tuberville, the former Auburn football coach, also received $14,000 in campaign contributions from individual members of the DeVos cartel.

During his election victory speech, Tuberville said the following:

Earlier today, the New York Magazine wrote the following, in response to Tuberville’s comment about the US freeing Europe from socialism during WWII:

Despite being of an age at which American men pick up military history as if by osmosis, Tuberville did not seem familiar with the politics of the European theater: In his speech, the new senator described how his father took part in “liberating Paris from socialism and communism.” While this may be an effort to compare his father’s combat experience to his own effort to halt “the doctrine of socialism” in America, the coach’s political framework is off. When First Sergeant Charles Tuberville landed in France in 1944, he was part of a campaign to liberate the allied power from the Nazis. Though socialism was in the name of the party that Hitler rode into power, the Nazis were, canonically, fascist. And for students of history aware of the robust French left prior to the war, Tuberville’s gaffe could accidentally suggest that his father was involved in a different march into Paris in the 1940s.

This is what America politics has come to, and thanks to the DeVos cartel, we now have people like Tommy Tuberville making policy decisions in the US Senate. This is what money can buy. 

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