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American Patriot Council continues their attacks on Gov. Whitmer, tries to argue that those arrested in kidnaping plot are actually leftist plants

October 12, 2020

The American Patriot Council, founded by Ryan D. Kelley, continues to try to distance themselves from those arrested in the plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer. What follows is an October 9 blog post from the American Patriot Council, a poorly written and unsourced opinion piece. What we will do is provide a deconstruction of this blog post, with their comments in italics and our comments in bold print.

Whitmer Smiles Proudly Amid Alleged Plot to Kidnap and Kill Her – The headline for this post demonstrates their ongoing effort to denigrate Gov. Whitmer, with petty observations about her facial expressions.

Michigan- It was a bizarre scene this afternoon as the infamous Governor Gretchen Whitmer stepped to the podium. All smiles and cheer, a notably happy Governor didn’t seem to notice the irony today, as she thanked the same law enforcement her and her party have been working to defund. Here the blogger provides no evidence that the Democratic Party or Gov. Whitmer has worked to Defund the Police. That’s because it is a false position. The fact is, according to No More Cop Money, Democrats and Republicans have been recipients of major funding from police unions, included among those receiving campaign funding from police unions in Gov. Whitmer herself.

Her behavior only became more strange as she quickly turned a press conference to give information about an alleged terror plot that was foiled by FBI and state police Wednesday night into a negative campaign ad in favor of Joe Biden. Notice that the blogger calls it an “alleged terror plot.” The blogger also suggests that Whitmer’s press conference was a campaign ad for Joe Biden. This is a bit of a stretch. Sure, Whitmer was critical of Trump’s handling of the COVID 19 crisis and his refusal to condemn White Supremacy, but the only other politician the Michigan Governor cited in her speech was Ronald Reagan and in a favorable way. Here is a link to the press conference, so make up your own mind.

The governor spoke about President Trump, strangely accusing him and the accused kidnappers of being white supremacists, in spite of all involved being of the same ethnic background. Ok, so this statement doesn’t make a whole lot of sense and demonstrates that the writer doesn’t understand what White Supremacy is. White Supremacy has little to do with ethnicity, rather it is an ideological framework that elevates Whiteness and those of European descent, for the purpose of dominance.

As the camera zoomed gently in on Whitmer, she made the most of the opportunity to speak out against President Trump. The air in the room was almost celebratory, as if the men had already been tried and convicted. This statement is merely speculative, since Gov. Whitmer was primarily making the point that anyone who threatens people with acts of violence will be prosecuted. 

Many have questions about the case though. Rumors of unorthodox arrest methods and accusations of mistreatment of the mens’ children during the arrests are abound. Others have asked what Whitmer and her far-left cohorts have to gain from the narrative they are spinning. And one glaring question: If these were heavily armed, violent extremists bent on murder, how did the FBI and State Police arrest all of them within a single shot fired? What rumors? Again, so sources are provided to substantiate the claims here. 

It has been widely spread by media and political sources that the men arrested in the federal case were “boogaloo boys”, a group that is called far right by the left, but in conservative groups it is widely believed that they are actually “planted” by the left to defame good, law abiding citizens. At least one of them, Brandon Caserta, was very vocal on social media about his stance as an anarchist, and anti-police, a stark contrast with conservative gun rights activists who are traditionally pro-police. Here the blogger is making false claims about some of those arrested in the plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, suggesting they are anti-police and anarchists. There is no hard evidence, and once again no sources are cited to substantiate the claims.

Other notable suspect was Adam Fox, was seen in a live Facebook video cussing at his young child, forcing him to get his marijuana paraphernalia while smoke a marijuana cigarette, live on camera. Again, behavior not indicative of conservative groups. Here the blogger is attempting some mental gymnastics, claiming that some of those arrested have questionable moral character. Interestingly enough, the blogger names two men, only hoping that readers will ignore the others arrested, several of which have attended American Patriot Council events, provided “security” at those events and others were directly invited by the American Patriot Council or Ryan D. Kelley.

Nobody knows what happened yet, but one thing is sure. These arrests have left many with more questions than answers. This closing comment is weak, demonstrating the blogger is grasping at straws. Of course there are lots of questions to be answered, but there are plenty of questions the blogger wants to avoid, specifically about the relationship between the American Patriot Council and some of those arrested in the attempted plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer.

In addition, the American Patriot Council, on October 10th, posted another blog piece that continues to attack Gov. Whitmer, saying she, “has created a  totalitarian state right in the middle of the Midwest US.”

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