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DeVos family contributions to GOP super PACs

September 1, 2020

Over the past several weeks, we have been writing about how the DeVos family foundations compliment their political contributions, which furthers their ideological and class war on the American people.

Just recently, the Center for Media & Democracy posted an article entitled, Conservative Plutocrats Pour Enormous Sums of Money into GOP Super PACsThe article lists the top 15 individuals/families that have contributed to GOP PACs, with the DeVos family being #15, with a total of $3.5 million in contributions this election cycle. Of course, there are several months to go before the election, which means that the DeVos family is likely to throw even more money into the coffers of GOP PACs.

The article lists four super PACs that the DeVos family has contributed to: the Senate Leadership Fund ($1.2 million), America First Action ($1 million), Better Future MI Fund ($700,000), and the Congressional Leadership Fund ($600,000). This is the only information provided in the article, so lets take a look at these four super PACs and see who are the recipients of their money, and thus the DeVos money.

Senate Leadership Fundaccording to, the Senate Leadership Fund has raised over $129 million in the current election cycle, with most of that money going to producing media, buying broadcast time and administrative costs. In other words, here the DeVos money is funding the GOP attack ads that are flooding radio and  TV stations across the country.

America First Action – according to, America First Action has been using the $39 million they have raised so far to also pay for GOP media, specifically attack ads across the country. 

Better Future MI Fund – here the DeVos funds are being used for media buys in Michigan, to both support the candidacy of John James and to attack Michigan Senator Gary Peters. 

Congressional Leadership Fundaccording to, the Congressional Leadership Fund is also spending the bulk of the $64 million they have raised in this election cycle to purchase media spots around the country as well. 

Even though the DeVos contributions to these GOP PACs are not going directly to candidates, they do benefit the candidates to the degree that most of this PAC money is being used to attack GOP candidate opponents, but more importantly, it engages in the ideological and class warfare that the DeVos family has engaged in since the founding of the Amway Corporation sixty years ago.

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