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New Zines for the current political climate

June 7, 2020

Just wanted to let people know about a couple of new zines that have been produced, one is specific to Grand Rapids, while the other one addresses an issue that has been raised over and over again in the past week as a result of the national uprising over police killings of black people.

The first zine, entitled, The Monsters We Know: A Brief overview of the racism and abuse of power of the GRPD, is a great 2-page zine that provides a quick overview of some recent cases where the GRPD abused their power, particularly with black and brown people in Grand Rapids. The zine was produced by the West Michigan Anarchist Federation and can be downloaded at this link.

The other zine, entitled, The Outside Agitator Myth, is a 31-page zine that provides excellent analysis and history around this idea that protests only “get out of hand” because of outside agitators. Such a claim is always meant to discredit actions or uprisings, and this myth can be used to diminish solidarity amongst those engaged in dissent. This zine can be downloaded at this link.

Zines are a great way to share information and radical ideas. For people who want help spread the word about radical zines, we encourage everyone to check out Sprout Distro, which has an excellent collection of zines, covering a wide range of topics.

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