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White People with guns to host another protest at the Capitol in Lansing on May 31st

May 27, 2020

The group that has been organizing anti-lockdown protests in Lansing, will be hosting another demonstration at the Capitol on Sunday, May 31st.

Billed as Sunday Funday, Michigan United for Liberty is hosting a demonstration in defiance of the Stay-at-Home orders, this time with the focus being on venders who are currently not allowed to be open.

Join us for a celebration of our freedom and a direct action to restore Michigan by coming to the Capitol to engage in the great American tradition of free enterprise.

According to their Press Release for the event, the event will feature food, live music, and vendors, including arts and crafts, beauticians, massage therapy and more. 

“Our previous Capitol demonstrations have thoroughly made the point that the people of Michigan are fed up with the governor’s lockdown orders and will not be intimidated by her empty threats. Now it’s time to strike a more positive tone, to celebrate our constitutional rights, not just by exercising our freedom of speech and assembly, but our fundamental right to the pursuit of happiness by earning a living,” explained organizer Jenny Darling. “It’s long past time to re-open Michigan, and we are going to lead by example.”

I think most people are aware of how small businesses are being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, but this protest on Sunday doesn’t really have much to do with supporting small businesses. Here is our take on what the Michigan United for Liberty demonstration is really about:

  • It’s about White people being upset that in the midst of a pandemic their ability to do whatever the hell they want has been limited…..and that’s just not very American.
  • It’s about White people with guns knowing that they will not be subjected to state violence or state repression, thus providing the world with yet another example of how White Privilege and White Supremacy works.
  • It’s about how these White people will never be on the streets or organizing against cops killing black people, ICE agents arresting and detaining immigrants, religious groups policing queer and trans people or how capitalism is killing the planet.
  • It’s about how these White people are really distracting us from paying attention to how the Billionaire class  – Bezos, Zuckerberg, DeVos, Meijer – are getting the federal government to re-direct more public money into their hands, and state governments to push policies they will benefit from
  • It’s about how these White people, who are using this opportunity to blame Gov. Whitmer for everything, while rallying other White people to support Trump.

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