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GRIID was interviewed on the podcast Mutual Aid on Lockdown

May 8, 2020

Earlier this week, GRIID was interviewed for the podcast Mutual Aid on Lockdown, which has been centering the importance of practicing mutual aid during the COVID-19 crisis.

However, the person who hosts the show thought it would be good to talk about how disaster capitalism is currently functioning in Michigan and specifically in Grand Rapids. During the interview we talk about:

  • the Grand Rapids Power Structure
  • the DeVos family and the Kent County Relief Fund
  • who is really benefiting from the federal stimulus money
  • statewide organizations that are pushing for Michigan’s economy to “re-open”
  • the protests in Lansing against Gov. Whitmer’s Stay-at-Home order
  • and how the COVID-19 crisis has created lots of political openings for people to radically re-imagine how we can move forward and not be content with getting back to normal.

You can listen to the interview by going to this link. The interview is just over an hour long.

Graphic credit – Brett Colley

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