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Reporting on Climate Change while taking money from Enbridge

January 3, 2020

In the most recent issue of MiBiz, there is a short article about statewide Climate Change goals on page 29, headlined, Climate Change Outlook: Advocates expect ambitious statewide climate change goals in 2020

The article is not particularly compelling, since it provides just a few comments from DEQ staffer and the Director of the Michigan Climate Action Network. The Michigan Climate Action Network director, Kate Madigan,  is using the “good climate policy is good for Michigan’s economy” argument, although the reporter doesn’t press her on what that means or how their goals will be achieved. In fact, the article doesn’t address how the state legislature is pretty compromised, especially considering how much elected officials get from energy corporations during election cycles. The Michigan Campaign Finance Network provides all that data, which you can search by elected officials here

However, it makes complete sense that MiBiz would not really want to ask hard questions about Climate Change, especially considering that on two pages before the article with Michigan Climate Action Network, there was a full page ad from energy giant  and Line 5 operator, Enbridge.

The Enbridge ad was presenting the global energy company like all there ads do, as a responsible company, essentially guaranteeing that the oil tunnel they are proposing to build under Lake Michigan will not leak. Enbridge makes this promise, despite the fact that there are hundreds of documented incidents of pipeline malfunction that Enbridge is responsible for in the past, according to

Unfortunately, MiBiz is more interested in advertising dollars than they are in facts.

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