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MLive doesn’t verify the claims made by Trump on immigration policy during his speech in Battle Creek

December 20, 2019

Donald Trump was in Battle Creek on Tuesday, where he gave a speech to his supporters during a rally. MLive wrote several different articles about the Trump visit, but posted one on late Tuesday, because President Trump mentioned Kent County in his remarks.

Trump actually mentioned that there were “sanctuary cities” in Michigan and then he talked about how dangerous and criminal these undocumented people are.

MLive wrote:

The president told the crowd he was surprised to learn Michigan had sanctuary cities.

The Center for Immigration Studies lists Ingham County, Kalamazoo County, Kent County and Wayne County as having “laws, ordinances, regulations, resolutions, policies, or other practices that obstruct immigration enforcement and shield criminals from ICE,” according to its website.

What MLive did NOT do was to verify the claims made by the Center for Immigration Studies on whether or not the communities cites are actually sanctuary cities. The fact is that none of the four counties cited are actual sanctuary cities, since they all cooperate with ICE to arrest and detain undocumented immigrants. There are certainly immigrant-led movements in each of those four counties that have been resisting ICE repression, but the counties themselves continue to collaborate with ICE.

MLive also didn’t tell us anything about the Center for Immigration Studies. The Center for Immigration Studies is actually an anti-immigration policy organization that is part of the racist John Tanton network, according to Sourcewatch.

Towards the end of the MLive article, it states that Trump, “bashed Kent County for its “sanctuary” policy after Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young told ICE that her department will not agree to immigrant detainer requests from ICE unless they have a judicial warrant from a judge.” However, this is misleading, since Trump did not say this during the speech in Battle Creek. Trump’s comments about Kent County were actually from March of 2019, when the White House and ICE expressed their displeasure that the Kent County Sheriff was now requiring judicial warrants in order to hold undocumented immigrants.

What Trump actually said about Kent County in his speech in Battle Creek on Tuesday, was this:

Earlier this year, authorities in the sanctuary, jurisdiction of Kent County, Michigan — anybody know Kent County? Released an illegal alien charged with assault with intent to murder after he repeatedly and viciously stabbed a man in the head with a broken bottle. They let him go to roam free in Michigan communities.

Now, this statement is also unsubstantiated, but it is a significantly different statement than the one MLive included in their article on Trump, Kent County and immigration policy.




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