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Michigan Catholic Church wants to undermine women’s reproductive rights

July 24, 2019

Those who are pushing for legislation that will further erode reproductive rights are gearing up for a big petition drive.

The Catholic Church in Michigan will be providing opportunities for parishioners to sign petitions in support of what they refer to as “partial-birth abortion and dismemberment abortion ban act.” This legislation is HB 4320, which you can read at this link

The Michigan Catholic Church will provide their members with an opportunity to sign the petition this coming weekend, July 27 – 28, and again on August 10 – 11. Here is a letter sent by the Catholic Bishop from the Diocese of Grand Rapids, a letter that appeared in church bulletins recently, throughout the diocese. 

In addition to the letter from the Bishop, there was information about the petition and what the Michigan Catholic Conference’s (MCC) position is on this issue – shown here below.

This type of actively engagement is instructive, since it should makes us question the notion of the separation between Church & State. In addition, if religious groups are going to be influencing public policy, then maybe it is time they paid taxes and stopped hiding behind their non-profit status.

More importantly, this campaign to restrict women’s reproductive rights in Michigan demonstrates just how reactionary the Catholic Church really is.

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