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One of the largest single political donors to those who voted to reduce women’s reproductive rights in Michigan, is the DeVos Family

May 16, 2019

While people are very angry about the attack against women’s reproductive rights in Alabama, the Michigan legislature is doing very similar things.

According to MLive

Both the Senate and House had floor votes scheduled on legislation to define the procedure as “dismemberment abortion” in law and ban it, making it a two-year felony for a physician to perform one unless it was to save the life of the mother.

While it is true that both the Michigan House and Senate were adopting bills that would undermine women’s reproductive rights and punish physicians who believe that women have control over their own bodies, MLive also uses the Right to Life language.

On Tuesday, the Senate voted 22-16 along partisan lines on the legislation, Senate bills 229 and 230. The House passed similar legislation, in House Bills 4320 and 4321.

The politicians who voted for these anti-women’s choice bills should be the subjects of massive protests immediately. None of them can be voted out for at least 20 months, so why wait to confront them, where they work and live?

However, we should never forget who funded these politicians in the first place and their far right agendas. There are several names from the West Michigan community who contributed significantly to the politicians who just voted to take away women’s control over their own bodies, names like John Kennedy, Peter Secchia, Michael Jandernoa and members of the Meijer family. However, the West Michigan name that contributed more than anyone else from this area, was DeVos.

In fact, the DeVos family, for many of these state legislators, were in the top 10 of contributors. In addition, if you include those who received money from the Senate and House Republican Committees (most did), then you also have to recognize that with both of these GOP entities, the DeVos family was the number one contributor. Since 2011, the DeVos family contributed $1,121,000 to the Republican Senate Campaign Committee and $1,880,000 to the Republican House Campaign Committee.

What follows is a list of the Michigan Senate and Michigan House who voted to undermine women’s reproductive rights and how much money they have received from the DeVos family and the GOP Senate and House Campaign Committees. Data is from the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, the Follow the Money page












The various DeVos family foundations certainly contribute to groups like Michigan Right to Life and the Pregnancy Resource Center. Those contributions are much smaller than their collective political contributions. However, it is important to note that their foundation contributions also go to think tanks which promote and sometimes create the legislative framework for bills that do the kind of harm that SB 229 and SB 230 will do. Therefore, it is important that we understand how strategic DeVos money is used – changing the cultural narrative about reproductive rights, funding groups that are explicitly anti-Choice and then direct political contributions to politicians who will pass legislation that fits their ideological agenda.

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