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West MI Policy Forum one of several groups who wants the minimum wage to only be $12.05 in 2030

March 31, 2019

The business class in the US has always understood that there is a real class war happening at all times, even if the working class is unaware of that fact.

In early December, the GOP-led Michigan legislature passed Public Act 368 of 2018, which would increase the minimum wage in Michigan at a grotesquely slow rate over the next decade, reaching a paltry $12.05 in 2030.

This incremental wage increase is insulted to working class people, who cannot live off these kid of wages or even afford the most basic resources in order to have a healthy life.

The Michigan Supreme Court is reviewing this issue right now, since Public Act 368 of 2018 is being challenged. The entities who have been most vocal about defending the legislation passed in 2018 – with a recent court filing – are the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan Manufacturers Association, the Michigan Realtors Association and the West Michigan Policy Forum.

In fact, a few days ago, the West Michigan Policy Forum posted on their Facebook page a link to a Detroit News article and bragged about their organization being one of the groups aggressively seeking to maintain the absurdly low minimum wage increase over the next 10 years. 

Some of the more prominent people who are the board of directors for the West Michigan Policy Forum are:

Doug DeVos, Peter Secchia, John Kennedy, Mike VanGessel, Michael Jandernoa, JC Huizenga, Steve Van Andel, Johnny Brann Jr, Jim Dunlap and Blake Krueger.

These men make up the Grand Rapids Power Structure, so it is no surprising that they do not support a living wage for working families. Despite their outright war against working class families, those who are part of the West Michigan Policy Forum like to present themselves are benevolent leaders who really care about the community. A week does not go by in the West Michigan news media where we hear about the wonderful things that Start Garden, Rockford Construction, Wolverine Worldwide, Amway, Meijer or Spectrum Health are doing for the little people in the greater Grand Rapids area. 

Look, if these people are deliberately pushing state policy to keep wages low, then whatever charity or entrepreneurial shit they are concocting is nothing more than a con they are playing on families in West Michigan who are struggling to pay their mortgage, their rent, health care costs, utilities, transportation costs and other basic necessities.

Remember, that these rich, white men are regularly meeting to plan assaults against working class families and families of color and then turning around and dangling money in front of these same families with their get rich quick entrepreneurial schemes.

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