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Most of the Republicans in the Michigan House who voted for reducing the minimum wage and earned paid sick leave have received financial support from the DeVos family

December 6, 2018

Legislative Republicans passed two bills, SB 1171 and SB 1175, gutting citizen-led ballot initiatives that were passed into law back in September. SB 1171 reduced the minimum wage in Michigan from what was decided back in September and SB 1175 reversed the earned paid sick leave improvements that were also established in September.

All of this has happened in the Lame Duck session by Gov. Synder and the Michigan Legislature. There have been protests against these actions, but no direct action in the form of occupying the State Capital or organized civil disobedience.

These measures taken by the Republican controlled legislature has infuriated people across the state. Such actions by the GOP speaks to the limitations of electoral politics, in terms of following the will of the people.

One thing that has not received much attention is who are the primary financial backers of the Republican controlled House in Michigan. In looking at the data provided by the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, we were able to determine that of the 60 Republican Legislators in the House, 41 of them have received funding from the DeVos family or one of the other members of the Grand Rapids Power Structure – Peter Secchia, John Kennedy or Michael Jandernoa.

To many political observers, the fact that the DeVos family has been contributors to most of the GOP members in the Michigan Legislator, this is fairly well known. However, there are many people in West Michigan who are unaware of the DeVos family influence in Michigan politics. The question people should be asking themselves is: 1) were they aware that the majority of the GOP members of the Michigan Legislature have received significant financial backing by the DeVos family; and 2) what would they think if they knew that the same Republican Legislators who are backed by DeVos, recently voted to reduced the minimum wage and repeal the earned paid sick leave?

What follows is a list of the GOP members of the Michigan House that voted for SB 1171 and SB 1175. If there is a NO after their name then they did not receive funds from the DeVos family or other members of the Grand Rapids Power Structure. The link after each name allows you to look at their top funding sources as elected officials.

Rep. Chris Afendoulis

Rep. Thomas Albert

Rep. Julie Alexander

Rep. Sue Allor

Rep. Tom Barrett

Rep. John Bizon

Rep. Tommy Brann

Rep. Julie Calley NO

Rep. Ed Canfield

Rep. Lee Chatfield

Rep. Triston Cole NO

Rep. Laura Cox NO

Rep. Kathy Crawford

Rep. Diana Farrington

Rep. Ben Frederick

Rep. Daniela Garcia

Rep. Gary Glen NO

Rep. Joseph Graves

Rep. Beth Griffin

Rep. Roger Hauck

Rep. Shane Hernandez NO

Rep. Michelle Hoitenga

Rep. Pam Hornberger

Rep. Gary Howell

Rep. Holly Hughes

Rep. Brandt Iden

Rep. Larry Inman

Rep. Steve Johnson

Rep. Bronna Kahle

Rep. Tim Kelly NO

Rep. Klint Kesto

Rep. Beau LaFave

Rep. Kim LaSata

Rep. Dan Lauwers NO

Rep. Tom Leonard

Rep. Eric Leutheuser NO

Rep. Jim Lilly

Rep. James Lower

Rep. Pete Lucido NO

Rep. Steve Marino

Rep. David Maturen NO

Rep. Mike McCready

Rep. Aaron Miller NO

Rep. Jeff Noble

Rep. Dave Pagel NO

Rep. John Reilly NO

Rep. Daire Rendon

Rep. Brett Roberts NO

Rep. Jim Runestad

Rep. Jason Sheppard NO

Rep. Jim Tedder

Rep. Lana Theis

Rep. Curt VanderWall

Rep. Scott VanSingel NO

Rep. Henry Vaupel NO

Rep. Rob VerHeulen

Rep. Roger Victory NO

Rep. Mike Webber

Rep. Jason Wentworth

Rep. Mary Whiteford

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