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New Zine tells story of recent action to End the ICE Contract in Kent County

August 30, 2018

A new zine, created by one of the arrestees, is a great introduction to issues like civil disobedience, immigrant solidarity and the campaign to end the contract that Kent County has with ICE.

The 23-page zine also has great visuals that walks people through every step of an action that took place on June 28th of this year, when 7 people engaged in civil disobedience to shed light on the current contract that Kent County has with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

This One Small Thing looks at the action, the groups involved, the arrest process, being booked into the Kent County Jail, the jail food, the legally required phone call, the visit with the nurse and the bonding out process, along with the amazing support that was offered to those who chose to participate in the direct action.

You can download the entire zine at this link and we encourage people to share it as the campaign to End the Contract is still happening, with an action coming up on September 13th.

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