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Election contributions by zip code in Grand Rapids: DeVos Family is again on top

August 21, 2018

The most recent data is now available for election contributions in the 2017-2018 election cycle.

There numerous sources available to find this data, such as the Michigan Secretary of State, the Michigan Campaign Finance Network and the Center for Responsive Politics.

On the Center for Responsive Politics site, you can also search by zip code and see who is contributing the most to elections in your area. For example, the 49503 zip code, which includes downtown Grand Rapids, contributes more money than any other zip code in the city. And the large amount of money coming from the 49503 zip code is almost exclusively because of the DeVos Family. 

The DeVos Family owns homes all around the country, but they use their downtown Grand Rapids address as the address for political contributions, according to the Federal Election Commission.

The graphic below is a listing of the 10 contributions from the 49503 zip code and not surprising, all of them are from the DeVos Family.

In this next graphic, you can see who the family is making political contributions to.

Considering what we know about the policies and practices of the Republican Party, the amount of money that the DeVos contributes is exactly why we cannot be seduced by any of their other projects like Start Garden, ArtPrize, AmplifyGR or what their foundations give money to. The amount of harm the DeVos Family contributes to through their support of the GOP creates the poverty and social conditions, which often results in people seeking out social services by organizations that many of the DeVos Foundations fund. This dynamic creates a perfect circle, where the DeVos Family political influence leads to a greater wealth gap divide, which leads to non-profits  requesting grant money from the family foundations, which generates lots of great PR for the family and it buys the silence of organizations that claim to be part of the solution.


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