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Who the wealthiest in West Michigan are giving their money to for State races in West MI

August 1, 2018

As we have documented in our series on the Grand Rapids Power Structure, the DeVos Family and other members of the local elite, strategically contribute to political campaigns throughout the state, but particularly to races in West Michigan. 

Let’s look at which candidates for state office in West Michigan that the Grand Rapids Power Structure is contributing to.

State Senate Races

28th Senate District – Peter MacGregor: DeVos family, Amway $25,000; Michael Jandernoa, 42 North Partners, $10,000; John Kennedy, Autocam Medical, $10,000; Van Andel family, Amway, $5,000; Mark Meijer $2,500, Mark Murray, Meijer, $2,500; Peter Secchia $2,500

29th Senate District – Chris Afendoulis: John Kennedy, Autocam, $4,000; Steve Van Andel, Amway, $2,000; Cheri DeVos $2,000; Maria DeVos $2,000; J.C. Huizenga $2,000; Mark Murray $2,000; Michael Jandernoa $2,000; Matthew Hayworth $2,000; Richard DeVos Sr. $2,000; Dan DeVos $2,000; Peter Secchia $2,000; Richard DeVos Jr. $2,000; Doug DeVos $2,000

30th Senate District – Daniela Garcia: John Kennedy, Autocam, $10,000; Jack DeWitt, Request Foods, $2,500, Grand Rapids Area Chamber PAC $500; Meijer PAC $500

34th Senate District – Holly Hughes: DeVos family, Amway, $12,000; Secchia family, Universal Forest Products, $4,000

State House Races

72nd House District – Steven Johnson: Meijer PAC $500

73rd House District – Lynn Afendoulis: DeVos family, DP Fox Ventures, $2,000; Mark Murray, Meijer, $1,000; Joan Secchia $1,000

77th House District – Tommy Brann: Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce $650; Meijer PAC $500

86th House District – Thomas Albert: John Kennedy, Autocam, $10,000; Michael Janderoa $1,000; Matthew Haworth $1,000; Peter Secchia $1,000; Meijer PAC $1,000

89th House District – Jim Lilly: Meijer PAC $1,000; J.C. Huizenga $1,000

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