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DeVos Family is largest political donors in 6 of the 14 Congressional races in Michigan

July 18, 2018

There are still nearly 4 months before the November 2018 elections. This means that the campaigns will get uglier over the coming months and the amount of money contributed and spent will be astronomical.

However, let us be clear that the majority of money that has been contributed and will be contributed in the remaining months of the 2018 election cycle, is money that comes from the wealthiest families and industries. This is the case all over the country.

Right here in Michigan, we can see that the money coming in for the 14 separate Congressional races is also coming from the wealthiest families. If we are looking at the wealthiest families in West Michigan, then we need look no further than the DeVos Family, which has been the largest political contributor in Michigan for years. 

Of the 14 Congressional races the DeVos Family is a major contributor in 6 of those races. There are some races that will not be close and some races that will certainly go Democratic (and have for years), so the DeVos Family strategically spends their money on races that are likely to result in a won for the candidates they are backing.

What follows is data from the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, specifically for the six Congressional districts that the DeVos Family is making major contributions: 

  • 2nd Congressional District Bill Huizenga     DeVos Family Contribution $13,500
  • 3rd Congressional District Justin Amash     DeVos Family Contribution $13,500
  • 4th Congressional District John Moolenaar  DeVos Family Contribution $13,500
  • 6th Congressional District Fred Upton DeVos Family Contribution $27,000
  • 10th Congressional District Paul Mitchell DeVos Family Contribution $13,500
  • 11th Congressional District Klint Kesto DeVos Family Contribution $5,400

Total DeVos Family Contributions in the Michigan Congressional Races: $77,400

Someone recently asked me why I have it in for the DeVos Family. Any family that can buy elections, but political access and impose public policy on society that fits their ideological worldview should be exposed and resisted, not matter who they are. It just happens that the DeVos Family is at the top of the list from West Michigan. GRIID will continue to expose them and work with anyone who wants to resist their oppressive politics.

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