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Another attack against those on government assistance in Michigan and the people paying for this new state law

June 26, 2018

Yesterday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder passed legislation known as the Medicaid Workforce Engagement Act

The title of this legislation was designed to pacify people, since the real focus of this legislation is to make people who receive government assistance with Medicaid be required to work 80 hours a month in order to continue receiving this assistance.

There are several exceptions listed within the newly adopted legislation, but according to an estimate cited in the Detroit News, “540,000 able-bodied adults” would be required to fulfill the work requirements.

Organizations that are part of the Grand Rapids Power Structure, like the GR Chamber of Commerce and the West Michigan Policy Forum, endorsed the legislation.  On their facebook page, the WMPF stated:

The West Michigan Policy Forum supports this plan, as it will help employers struggling to find workers fill open jobs, and put people in need of assistance on a path for success and improvement.

The narrative that groups like the WMPF are using is suggests that this state policy will help people find work and take charge of their lives. The reality is that this new state policy punishes those who receive government assistance and is part of a larger decades-long battle to undo any form of government assistance at the state and federal level. This push to undo any government safety net is part of the larger Neo-liberal capitalist plan that has been promoted initially by Republicans, but adopted by the leadership of the Democratic Party, especially since the Clinton administration, when that administration dismantled welfare as we know it

The newly adopted policy signed by Gov. Snyder was passed by the Senate and the House, pretty much on partisan lines. The legislation was introduced in the state Senate by Mike Shirkey, with the following co-sponsors:

Phillip PavlovDave HildenbrandPeter MacGregorJoe HuneJudy EmmonsJack BrandenburgPatrick ColbeckJohn ProosWayne SchmidtDavid Robertson.

As always, it is important to follow the money when it comes to politicians, with our emphasis on those from West Michigan who have financed those who co-sponsored this new state policy, which punishes those receiving Medicaid.

Sen. Mike Shirkey – $80,000 from John Kennedy and $59,000 from the DeVos Family

Sen. Phil Pavlov – $18,000 from the DeVos Family and $6,500 from Meijer

Sen. Dave Hildenbrand – $21,000 from the DeVos Family and $13,650 from Meijer

Sen. Peter MacGregor – $43,000 from the DeVos Family, $16,000 from Meijer and $12,000 from Michael Jandernoa 

Sen. Joe Hune – $9,000 from the DeVos Family 

Sen. Jack Brandenburg – $14,000 from the DeVos Family

Sen. Patrick Colbeck – $18,000 from the DeVos Family

Sen. John Proos – $9,000 from the DeVos Family

Sen. Wayne Schmidt – $18,000 from the DeVos Family 

Sen. David Robertson – $7,000 from the DeVos Family 

Once again, the Grand Rapids Power Structure plays a significant role in determining the outcome of state policy that punishes the most vulnerable residents of Michigan.

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