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Cosecha GR kicks off its Driver License Campaign with an action at the Rogers Plaza Secretary of State office

April 30, 2018

A major contributor for immigrants to end up in detention from ICE agents, is driving without a license. This is because those without a documentation cannot obtain a driver license. Therefore, when they are pulled over for something as minor as a burned out tail light, the local police department will take them to the Kent County Jail. The Kent County Jail has a contract with ICE, to notify ICE when undocumented immigrants are in their custody.

You can see why immigrants would want to organize a campaign to get driver licenses for all to be adopted by the state of Michigan.

Movimiento Cosecha GR kicked off their driver license for all campaign earlier today, with an action at the Secretary of State office in Wyoming, inside of Rogers Plaza.

Just over 50 people participated in the Cosecha GR action, by going inside the Rogers Plaza and having a presence in front of the Secretary of State office. Part of the action was to have people dance to music, as a means to disrupt business as usual and to draw attention to the campaign for those inside the mall and/or the Secretary of State office, as you can see from the pictures.

Eventually, some of those involved in the action decided to enter the Secretary of State office, to engage it what Cosecha GR calls a disruption, as you can see from the video below.

The manager of the mall, along with several of his associates made people leave or he “would be forced to call the police.” Those participating in the action left the Secretary of State office and shortly after that left the inside of the mall, only to stand in front of the mall so that some of the organizers could speak to the crowd.

One of the more creative aspects of the Cosecha GR action, was their creation of a large driver license that had a large opening where your picture would normally go. People were invited to put the head in the open space and then have their picture taken, as a way of communicating the message of diver licenses for all.

The Cosecha GR action then concluded in the Roger’s Plaza parking lot adjacent to 28th street. There, Cosecha GR organizers spoke to the crowd, talking with them about the campaign and the May Day march the next day. People had lots of good energy, dancing, singing and participating in chants led by Cosecha GR organizers.

Lastly, it is important to message how the local police departments responded to the Cosecha GR action. First, while organizers were at their community space, a GRPD cruiser was parked outside while the organizers were preparing for the action. Secondly, the Wyoming Police Department had cops at the Roger’s Plaza the whole time that the Cosecha GR action took place, ever while people were arriving. Third, the GRPD then showed up at Roger’s Plaza and several people said that both the GRPD and the Wyoming PD were asking people about the route of the May 1st march who the leaders were that they could talk to. This attempt to glean information from people showed that the police are worried about the march and even more worried that they will not be in complete control of what those marching will do.



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